Poster Sessions


a. Your poster can have maximum dimensions of 1m x 1m (or approx.. 3ft by 3ft). One solution is to print your poster in format A1 (594 × 841mm). A picture of the panel is available here. Each panel will fit four posters, two on the front, side-by-side, and two on the back.

b. Poster presentations will be held in the Poster Area, which is on the upper level of Rumeli Hall.

c. Posters will be presented there for as long as possible to maximize exposure of your research.

d. Please bring your poster to the conference at your earliest convenience.

e. At the Session site, there will be a designated space for your paper, and your paper only. Make sure that you attach your poster there, and not somewhere else.

f. Check the program for when your presentation is scheduled. There is one time slot for each poster.

g. Please be present for the ENTIRE session in which your poster is scheduled.

h. For each poster session, there will be a Session Chair that will keep the time. The Session Chair is always the last presenter in the session. Please make sure and check whether you are the Session Chair. If you are, your obligations are to (1) keep the time, and (2) move the audience smoothly and quickly from poster to poster.

i. You will have up to 3 minutes to orally present your poster. Due to time constraints, questions cannot be taken during the session, only before or after. We recommend you stick around a bit to maximize interaction with the audience.

j. Please leave your poster up as long as possible. It may be a good idea to post an email address on your poster so that people can contact you during WCERE2014.

k. Remember that there is a Best Poster Award an award for the runner-up. The Award Committee is headed by Prof. Carmen Arguedas, Autonomous University of Madrid.